Introduction.-In this final essay I’m going to write about Macbeth’s different states of thinking throughout the play to show you how his state of mind changes as the play continues. Discussion.- Macbeth at the start of this play was a normal person living a stable life in good conditions and his state of mind matched. However, once […]

Why Shakespheare writes this book?

This final scene starts with Malcolm, Ross, Siward and the soldiers celebrating that Macbeth was defeated and honouring him for how he fight, then Siward ask for where is Macduff and why he don’t come then they think he was also dead becuase Siward told them but then Macduff enters with Macbeth’s head surprising and […]

This scene starts with Macbeth watching the fight as soon as Macduff come and call Macbeth a demon, but Macbeth confident said that he felt very guilty killing his family and wife, but even more angry start the fight, Macbeth looking fine at the moment says the he is wasting a lot of energy and […]

This scene start with the fight between Macbeth and young Siward, that was the one who wanted to fight with him, but he was scared of a man who wasn’t born from a woman, then he thought it was him because the bravest one is always the answer, but when they fight young Siward was […]

This scene starts with Malcolm, Siward and Macduff talking about the announcement of the war but before it starts Malcolm remind to everyone what they have to do according to the plan they have done, after remind them Macduff commands that the trumpet get started to announce the start of the war.

This scene starts with Macbeth and Seyton preparing the soldiers for the war between Malcolm and Macduff because they want revenge of what the evil things Macbeth have done at the moment, then when they were talking about the war Seyton surprised and Macbeth too hear the cry of a woman, Seyton leaves for what […]

Macbeth: She should have died hereafter. There would have been a time for such a word. Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, Creeps in this petty pace from day to day To the last syllable of recorded time, And all our yesterdays have lighted fools The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle! Life’s but […]

She would have died later anyway. That news was bound to come someday. Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow. The days creep slowly along until the end of time. And every day that’s already happened has taken fools that much closer to their deaths. Out, out, brief candle. Life is nothing more than an illusion. It’s […]

This scene starts with Malcolm, old Siward and his son, Macduff, Menteith, Caithness, Angus, Lennox, Ross, and soldiers preparing the war between their soldiers versus Macbeth. First everyone but except the soldiers talk about what they should do when they find Macbeth and how to act and be in the battle because they want Malcolm […]